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Interview with Al Jardine of the Beach Boys

November 14, 2011

I had the honor of interviewing Al Jardine, original founding member of the Beach Boys. Through the years, little has been left unsaid about The Beach Boys, especially the Wilson brothers. However, little is heard from the “Quiet Beach Boy”, Al Jardine. He, of course, is not very quiet at all, singing lead on one of the band’s most famous songs, the number one hit, “Help Me, Rhonda.” He can also be heard on “Then I Kissed Her,” “Vega-Tables,” “I Know There’s an Answer,” “Heroes and Villains,” and “Cotton Fields,” among others.

In the interview, we discuss the early days of The Beach Boys; how it all began. We go further into depth on what it was like recording Pet Sounds and the previously unreleased, holy grail for Beach Boy fans, Smile Sessions.

Al recalls a moment worth noting, when Sir Paul McCartney stopped into the studio during Jardine’s own vocal session for “Vega-Tables”. McCartney ended up producing the vocal tracks for the song, which can be found on Smiley Smile. Afterwards, Paul shared The Beatles latest track, “A Day in the Life”, this was just the same as Bruce Johnston had done, sharing Pet Sounds with John and Paul.

It seems no topic is left untouched, even briefly mentioning Dennis Wilson’s relationship with Charles Manson. Jardine even claims that Manson stole his guitar.

Jardine feels that a Beach Boys 50th reunion seems very promising, but the world will just have to wait and see come February during The Grammys.

Jardine speaks about his latest record, A Postcard From California. Included is the song “Don’t Fight the Sea”, composed by Al Jardine and Terry Jacks.The song features Jardine, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and a vocal from the late Carl Wilson.

A few other unreleased singles will come out in the near future, including a song entitled “Waves Of Love”, which Jardine co-wrote with songwriter, Larry Dvoskin. This track will also feature vocals from the late, great, Carl Wilson.

-Sam Kogon

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  1. Jim Malone permalink
    March 16, 2012 1:13 pm

    I would like to contact Al. I was stationed at Ft.Gordon, Ga. I think I knew him then. If so he would want to see me too.


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