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Juice Jam 2010 Recap

September 13, 2010

I woke up that morning around 8am and the weather wasn’t looking too hot. It was cool and drizzling and it looked pretty crappy out. Of course, this sold out Juice Jam was going on rain or shine, and there was no way I was going to miss the lineup of Mouth’s Cradle, Super Mash Bros., Passion Pit and Lupe Fiasco. Thank god I didn’t because this year had incredible performances.

Mouth's Cradle got the crowd moving when opening up Juice Jam.

Kicking Juice Jam off was the infamous Mouth’s Cradle. We here at WERW love ourselves some local music, and Mouth’s Cradle is no exception. Mouf and Master Rogers took the stage a little later than their scheduled 12:15 slot, but got the ever growing Juice Jam crowd moving with their strong beats and ill rhymes. They played crowd favorites like “Honey From a Stone” and “Front Porch, Back Porch,” and ended their set with the only song they could, the track “Thank You!” that stirred up a singalong of the Golden Girls theme.  Mouth’s Cradle also debuted some of their new material from their upcoming mixtape Mouth’s Cradle vs. The Hype. One of those songs sampled the Pokemon theme, and the weirdly nostalgic raps that Mouth’s Cradle is so popular for seem to be remaining on this mixtape. Thank goodness because we love that stuff!

Super Mash Bros. were second on stage, sampling glorious tunes like "Space Jam" and "Never Let You Go."

Super Mash Bros. took the stage after Mouth’s Cradle, coming out full speed into one of their manic mashups that seemed to have caught the crowd by surprise.  But soon enough, the dazed audience morphed into a full-on dance party as Super Mash Bros. worked away on their laptops, singing as they mixed and mashed tracks. I don’t mean to compare to last year’s Juice Jam mashup artist, but these guys had this energy unlike Girl Talk.  Maybe it was because it was a smaller crowd, but I really think the chemistry between the two on stage influenced the audience into really feeling the music and having a good time. That, and their witty remarks about frat boys and Georgetown (I hope to see the video one day of everyone in unison yelling “Fuck Georgetown”). One friend of mine described Super Mash Bros. as putting in a “Now That’s What I Call Music” CD and mixing up all the tracks.  But, like Mouth’s Cradle’s, the Super Mash Bros. nostalgia is totally appreciated by the audience, and a great way to get a crowd moving for the next two acts.

Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit

After what felt like a long drawn out setup of equipment, Passion Pit took the stage to a crowd that looked like it grew about three times the size. So THAT’S what a sold out field looked like…anyways. I heard a lot of people calling Passion Pit a co-headliner instead of the top-slot opener for Lupe Fiasco. I can definitely see that considering quite a few people left before Lupe’s set even began.  Regardless, Passion Pit is one of those bands that comes along and brought something new and quite curious to the table. And boy, do people love them. They kicked things off with “Eyes As Candles” and “I’ve Got Your Number,” and continued to win over the mid-afternoon up until the tag-team ending set that included “Sleepyhead” and “Little Secrets.” And at that point, there was yet another full-on dance party.  It reminded me of a high school dance in a way (bear with me). Just like when your favorite song came on at the dance, you or groups of your friends would run to the dancefloor.  That’s what happened when the beginning riffs of those last two songs were played. If I remember correctly, the sun only came out once that day, and it was during Passion Pit’s set. It was glorious.

Lupe Fiasco headlined Juice Jam 2010.

Superstar Lupe Fiasco headlined this year’s Juice Jam (see what I did there?), and took the stage as it started to rain.  About three songs in, it rained more and more. But that barely stopped anyone from watching this very charismatic artist tear up the stage with his semi-live band and fierce raps.  Actually, the rain probably helped that mob of people that remained in the crowd since Super Mash Bros. I can’t say I know a lot of Lupe’s material, but I know that he is truly a superstar, and he makes sure to give his all on stage. Not once did his energy fade and he gave those who stayed quite an amazing ending to another successful Juice Jam.

-Kyle Kuchta

- photos by Jeanette Wall

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  1. Gracie permalink
    September 13, 2010 10:38 am

    Awww… I miss you guys. Good job on the coverage Jeanette and Kyle.

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